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Vacuum Packing Systems

BetaVac is the world’s choice in cheese packaging systems.

For more than 30 years, the dairy industry has put its faith in the BetaVac design and rugged build quality. Hundreds of units have been installed worldwide for some of the biggest names in dairy.

The BetaVac range can package, 20lb/10kg cheese blocks, 40lb/20kg cheese blocks, cheese offcuts and other loose products.

In addition to the products listed in this section for packing, testing and turning, we provide interfacing conveyor systems. Our team of experts will work with you to provide a solution to meet your needs and integrate the BetaVac equipment into your production line.

Vacuum Packing Systems


The BetaTurn can rotate products to any angle and has a bi-directional conveyor. This makes it adaptable to any factory requirement.

The BetaTurn is extremely user friendly and is easy to install and operate.

In cheese processing, the BetaTurn block turner is typically used to detect seal location and re-orientate blocks prior to the BetaTest.

Or, if space is a challenge on exiting the BetaTest, the BetaTurn can provide a tight turning point and use a third of the space that standard conveyors would require.

While originally designed to smoothly and efficiently rotate 20kg blocks of cheese, the BetaTurn can easily be adapted to handle other package configurations.

The BetaTurn can be installed utilising existing conveyors on the site; alternatively, in-feed and outfeed conveyors, built to a critical hygiene standard, can be supplied as an optional extra.

Various models are available; download the brochure for more information.

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