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Chilling and Freezing Systems

Milmeq specialises in in automated chilling and freezing systems for food processing operations.

Founded in 1952 as Refrigeration Engineering and also previously known as Realcold, Milmeq has developed a global reputation for innovation.

We pioneered the introduction of automatic chilling and freezing tunnels and plate freezers to the meat and dairy industries. Today, our systems are recognised worldwide as setting the industry standard for chilling or freezing meat, poultry and dairy products in cartons or crates.

Milmeq installations are typically custom designed and installed on-site. We provide a turn-key service from design and manufacturing to installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance and support.

Having already established ourselves as industry leaders in our homelands, New Zealand and Australia, which are renowned for their meat and dairy exporting industries, we are now recognised globally for offering world class technologies and support systems.

Chilling and Freezing Systems

Spiral Freezers and Chillers

Starfrost helix spiral freezers, chillers and coolers are relevant for a variety of food products which require medium to long retention times, such as cheese, ice cream, ready meals, poultry, pizza, potato products, fish, desserts and bakery products.

As the Australasian agent for UK based Starfrost, H&C delivers the spiral and IQF chilling and freezing technologies to food manufacturers in New Zealand and Australia.

These systems use similar air flow technology and refrigeration design to our SRT and MRT tunnels but occupy a reduced footprint.

They are typically used for smaller, un-cartoned products (such as 10kg / 20lb blocks of cheese) or lower-throughput operations.

Air is circulated across all product surfaces to achieve a high heat removal rate, without subjecting delicate items to excessive air speeds. Systems can be designed for either automatic or manual loading.

Starfrost spirals are offered as low to medium capacity pre-built units or larger custom designed and site-built systems.

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