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Gravity Fed Carton Cutter

H&C has developed the Gravity Fed Carton Cutter to safely and efficiently cut cartons, ready for removal by an operator.

Also known as the Gravity Fed Box Cutter or GRA-BC,it utilises H&C proven de-cartoning technology to create a unit so simple and portable.

Its portability means it can be moved around to different areas as and when required, providing a cost-effective solution.

The H&C Gravity Fed Carton Cutter is able to handle multiple carton sizes, with a maximum product weight of 50lbs at a rate of up to 8 cartons per minute.

A lift assist or vacuum lift can also be used in conjunction with the Gravity Fed Carton Cutter to remove the need to manually lift blocks.

Key benefits:
  • Reduced labour – allows staff to be re-deployed to higher value work
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Elimination of operators’ use of knives and the associated risk of injury to staff
  • Best in class footprint
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