At H&C Automated Solutions, we are constantly innovating to develop solutions that can enhance efficiency and drive growth in your business.

When talking to our customers around the world, they have the same challenges in their processing businesses: labour, worker safety, hygiene and product safety and quality control. The most cost-effective way to address these issues is automation.

Our point of difference lies in our ability to develop and deliver custom solutions in response to each customer’s specific needs.

Drawing on our full range of equipment and integrating these with additional equipment from other suppliers, H&C can provide complete line integration and optimisation.


Complete line integration and optimisation


  • Vacuum bag sealing
  • Bag integrity screening
  • Carton erecting and closing
  • Weighing and labelling
  • Chilling or freezing
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for Cartons
  • Palletising
  • ASRS for pallets

  • De-palletising
  • De-cartoning
  • De-bagging
  • Scanning and quality control
  • Recipe management
  • Custom Solutions for the Dairy Industry

    Cheese and dairy product processing is an industry of expertise for H&C.

    For cheese processors we can provide an integrated solution for the back end of processing, from the cheese tower to palletising.

    And for cheese converters we provide this integration at the front end, from de-palletising through de-packaging to deliver an unwrapped block ready for cutting, slicing or other further processing.

    Many of our systems can also be applied to butter, cream and other dairy products.

    H&C, BetaVac and Milmeq technology has been installed for many of the world’s biggest names in dairy. All of our systems have a reputation for reliability and simplicity of operation.

    The following products feature in our solutions for dairy processors:


    Slicing Systems

    Titan offers a range of commercial slicer machines suitable for all meats, cheese and other products.

    Choose from one of our standard models or we can custom-design to meet your needs.

    Future Food Systems has been appointed as the exclusive distributor and service agent for Titan Slicing Systems. For enquiries about new installations, parts and servicing, please contact them.

    Why Titan Slicing Systems?
    • Innovative design - superior construction and exacting customisation
    • Unsurpassed reliability - renowned performance and off-the-shelf parts available worldwide
    • Unmatched hygiene - streamlined, safe and straightforward, no-fuss cleaning
    • Unparalleled support - operator training, programmed maintenance and ongoing production optimisation
    Three infeed options are available:
    • Gravity infeed - for smaller producers with a varied product portfolio. Versatile and mobile with easy operation.
    • Belt infeed - for uniform products such as cheese blocks and meat logs. Precise, high-speed and easy to clean.
    • Gripper infeed - for varying, non-uniform deli products and thick slices. Powerful, consistent and robust.
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